jordan 4 black cat
jordan 4 black cat

Top Fake Jordans Sellers

#1 Website: ETKICK.COM

Shop description: ETKICK was established in 2019 and is one of the most famous replica jordans factories in China. It is widely praised in the Reddit community for its high quality. Among them, Jordan 1 and Jordan 4 are representative works of ETKICK.

Purchase experience: I have purchased about 10 times in this shop. Before placing an order, I will contact ETKICK on WhatsApp, and their customer service will answer my question within 1 minute, even though my question is cumbersome. Guess, they will send me QC photos before shipment. What makes me more satisfied is the quality of the product. Especially Jordan 4 off-white “sail”, my friends can’t tell it is fake. So I give ETKICK 5 stars.

#2 Website: HYPEUNIQUE

Shop description: I am very impressed with this seller, the delivery speed is very fast, you will receive your parcel in about 8-11 days. Product quality and ETKICK are on the same level.

Purchase experience: I live in New York, USA, and I received my Air Jordan 1 High OG “Hyper Royal” on the 10th day after purchase. Express delivery is delivered by USPS. The upper of the hyper royal is the first layer of leather, which is consistent with the original.

Why is Jordan Replica so popular

In recent years, along with economic growth, social entertainment orientation, sneakers’ crazy hype about shoes, Jordan has become more materialized, concrete, and stockized. A pair of limited edition Jordan means your taste and financial ability. What is even more exaggerated is that if you buy a limited amount of air jordan at the original price, you can make $500 if you resell it. The global street communities are crazy about snapping up air jordan.

Super expensive: The price of a pair of Air Jordan Travis Scott High is about 1,200 dollars. Normal people certainly cannot afford it. And the price of 1:1 Replica jordan is one-tenth of the genuine one.

99% similarity: Nike and replica Yeezy’s foundries were originally in Putian, China. With the rising labor costs in China, the foundries of sports shoe brands have been moved to Southeast Asia. So Putian has the production materials and craftsmanship of genuine Jordan. Especially the material, Fake jordans sole, vamp, shoelace can achieve 99% similarity with Real jordans. Even more exaggerated is that Nike began to use environmentally friendly glue, which led to the quality of Jordan 1 is not as good as before.

Cooler: Unique means cool. Most people buy air jordan replicas only for its unique design and appearance.

Is it safe to buy Fake jordans online?

If you are buying from our recommended seller list, it is absolutely safe. But this does not mean that all 1:1 jordan sellers online are legal. In order to avoid fraud, it is recommended that you check the reviews of the website through Google or Reddit before making a purchase. How to judge whether a replica jordans seller is legitimate?

Are DHgate and Aliexpress worth recommending?

DHgate and Aliexpress are flooded with thousands of Replica sellers, which means that these platforms are very competitive. Low price is the core competitiveness of these two websites. However, the quality of Jordans is ordinary or even inferior.
If you are price sensitive or have no requirements for quality, these two websites may be suitable for you. The Hypeunique and ETKICK that we recommend are both high-quality sellers, so the prices are relatively expensive.