Jordan’s playing great shots on the big screen at home

Jordan’s playing great shots on the big screen at home. Kelly was wearing a Wizards jersey Jordan concert Hero Jordan sidelines eyes glowing tears. Kelly to introduce Jordan played! Fans in the audience rose to pay tribute! Jordan thanked the fans. East and West All-Star who also got up and applauded. The audience applause continued, Jordan can not speak.

Jordan as the first agency world with great players own signature shoe, he and Nike co arguably unprecedented success and win.

Michael Jordan
Birthdate: February 17, 1963 Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York Height: 1m 98 Schools: 84, graduated from North Carolina State University NBA Career: 14 seasons (1984-1993,1994-1998, 2001- 2002) functional: shooting guard / small forward played for the team: Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards nickname: Flyers major record: six NBA championships: (1991-93, 1996-98) two times Olympic champion: 84, 92, 1985 eligible for NBA Rookie of the Year twice dunk champion six times elected NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP) 5 times elected to NBA regular season Most Valuable Player three times elected to NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player in 1996 was elected ” the history of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players “one. The main technical statistics: NBA career scoring total: 29,277 Total No. 4 column NBA NBA career triple-double of 28 regular-season single-game scoring record: 69 points single-game playoff scoring record: 63 points

• The first generation of Air Jordan shoes 1984 Year – 1985

There is a conspicuous “winged basketball” logo will always be remembered • The first generation Jordan shoes uppers
• AIR JORDAN generation along with Jordan won good luck in the NBA. Jordan’s first year in the NBA, with an average of 28.3 points per game and a league-high points total score of season -2313 points, Jordan and as a manifestation of the year award [Rookie] title. • At the time of such serious discrepancies with league rules designed to make NIKE paid a hefty fine for the MJ. But also earned high profits.

The second-generation Air Jordan shoes 1986 –1987, Michael Jordan became the first NBA scoring All-Star team, and get the first dunk champion. In obtaining all these honors when he is accompanied by one pair of shoes by the Italian teacher made embossed leather Air Jordan, these shoes feature is the “winged basketball” to move from the upper tongue.

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AIR JORDAN family portrait

AIR JORDAN family portrait

I do not know my sister’s interest in their own male votes idea what’s hobby, I vote for me this man really is

He does not smoke, do not drink, do not play DOTA, not sleeping around. . . Here is an example of not a perfect man, but you are wrong! He likes the shoes ah! ! ! Pro have to say, not like a few pairs of shoes thing. . . . But those shoes are expensive ah! ! ! Difficult to buy ah! ! ! Spend several days and nights queuing, but also to fight RP ah! ! ! The last may not buy ah! ! ! Other methods can not buy what you can buy! ! ! So the price will go up ah rub rub rub! ! ! ! There biggest problem yes. . . Shoes are not the end of ah! ! ! Can you imagine me in my ear all day ticket man complaining, engraved again this year what what what the next year, but also the one pair of shoes more NB, I really, really affected by not Niaoa

A few years ago I did not scouring the sea when he only let people from abroad to bring him a year a pair, up to two pairs of rhythm, the price will 1K + it, then I can accept it. I recently rounded out the sea Amoy army, his eyes suddenly bright, ah, ah EBAY brush all day, free to brush ah, but not start, then one day last month, he suddenly gave me a website , that is, FLIGHT CLUB (the nation’s largest private shoe store, said that as long as you have money, no you can not buy), and said one word: buy! Then, just

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